Monthly Donors- Miracle Team:

Thank you to the growing number of individuals who are members of our Miracle Team. Giving monthly saves on administrative costs, meaning more of your contribution reaches the children of Zareinu.

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Thank you to all donors who have directed funds from their private or family foundation or their donor advised fund at the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto.

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Estate Gifts:

Thank you to those individuals who made a legacy gift to Zareinu Educational Centre. Your support is a wonderful vote of confidence and with your help we continue to make meaningful improvements to the lives of children with special needs and the lives of their families.

  • The Estate of Morris Turk
  • The Estate of Ann Salmons
  • The Estate of Avrom Silver
  • The Estate of Angel Zylberman
  • The Estate of Frances Halpern

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Endowed Gifts:

Thank you to all who establish Endowment Funds at Zareinu Educational Centre. The children of Zareinu appreciate your investment and belief in them.

“We hope that our endowment gift will encourage others to step forward and invest in the hope and future of the children of Zareinu.”
Dr. Arthur and Harriet Cohen

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