The National Benefit Authority (NBA)

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The Zareinu Educational Centre offers a range of therapeutic and educational programs designed and delivered by qualified educators and therapists.

Support from external partners is crucial in order to raise awareness, access and funding. With this assistance, we provide opportunities for children and families living with special needs.

The National Benefit Authority (NBA) is a country-wide organization that advocates for Canadians living with disabilities.
Working directly with the Canada Revenue Agency, The NBA manages all medical and financial aspects of the disability tax credit process for their clients.

The National Beneift Authority was founded by Akiva Medjuck with a clear vision: to help Canadians with disabilities receive a disability tax credit from the Canadian Government.

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Since 2008, The NBA has already delivered tax credit funding back to over 35,000 Canadians living with disabilities.

We are thrilled to partner with The NBA. Their passion for education is clear and unmistakable.

President and CEO of the National Benefit Authority, Akiva Medjuck and the NBA understand the life changing importance of education to current and future generations.

With their generous support of the Zareinu Educational Centre of Metropolitan Toronto, individuals like Akiva, ensure our programming remains possible.

Thank you, Akiva Medjuck, and the National Benefit Authority.

For more information on the NBA’s community involvement, please visit: Disability Living Blog

Follow Akiva on Twitter at: @AkivaMedjuck