Alexa Edelstein’s Bat Mitzvah

Alexa's gift for Zareinu

Alexa’s gift for Zareinu

Alexa Edelstein, a Grade 7 student at Netivot HaTorah Day School, recently celebrated her Bat Mitzvah and asked her guests to donate to Zareinu rather than give her gifts. She raised $11,000 and was beaming as she presented the cheque to the school.

Here’s why she did it:

Becoming a Bat Mitzvah was a milestone in my life. Not only did I want to do something meaningful, but I also wanted to be an inspiration to other kids to do the same.

I have always loved babies and children. My cousin attends Zareinu and I have seen the miracles they performed with her. We also have a family friend that has a beautiful little girl with Down syndrome who goes to Zareinu and I love to hold her and play with her and make her laugh. It is a school with the most incredible kids in the whole world!

Last year I went with my class to Zareinu to learn about the different therapies and activities that the teachers and therapists perform with the children to help them overcome their challenges. They asked us to put a sock on our hands and pick up Fruit Loops and put them on a pipe cleaner to show us how it feels for many kids to do something which for us seems like a simple task. They also spun us around and when they stopped and we all felt dizzy they told us that many kids feel this way without being spun around. They showed us words on a piece of paper with the letters mixed up so that we can see how a child with dyslexia feels.

Visiting the school gave me a better understanding of how the school works and the types of challenges that many kids have. It made me sad to see so many kids with physical and developmental challenges, but at the same time happy that such a school exists and helps so many children and families.

Thank G-d I am healthy and have everything I need so it is very important to me to give the children of Zareinu what they need. My dream would be for Zareinu to one day have their own school just like mine.

I wanted to do something to celebrate this huge milestone and I thought it would be most meaningful to give to, and help those, who are less fortunate. There is no better gift than the gift of giving.