What We Offer

Zareinu offers families a wide range of therapeutic and educational programs directly designed and delivered by qualified educators and therapists in its main centre and in satellite classes located in other Jewish Day schools across the GTA.

We offer support to students with a wide range of challenges, from birth to 18 years, including but not limited to: autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, Prader-Willi sydrome, Rett syndrome and more.

Zareinu focuses on meeting the whole needs of every child. Through individualized learning plans each child is given the therapies and adapted education they need in a supportive learning environment that blends general and Jewish education together. Zareinu provides individualized programs for each student and works with a dynamic team to implement these therapies at every opportunity.

We offer support to families in need by working together with parents, making them an integral part of the education process.

For a full list of our programs see Our School / Programs.