About Us

Zareinu Educational Centre: A school and treatment centre for children with physical and developmental challenges.

Making Miracles Happen


Mission Statement:
Zareinu provides integrated and individualized evidence-based therapy and education programs that directly support students with special needs to engage, learn and achieve in personalized, caring and supportive Jewish-learning environments.

About Us:
Zareinu is supported by an energetic team working together to raise awareness and funds in order to provide the best possible opportunities for children with special needs and their families.  Through exceptional events, fundraising initiatives and advocacy to combat prejudice towards children with challenges, Zareinu offers the unique environment and opportunity to receive an adapted general and Jewish education together with their required therapies and treatments under one roof.

What We Do

Zareinu offers families a wide range of therapeutic and educational programs directly designed and delivered by qualified educators and therapists in its main centre and in satellite classes located in other Jewish Day schools. Zareinu provides individualized programs for each student and works with a dynamic team to implement these therapies at every opportunity.

For a full list of our programs see Our School / Program.


How We Help

Every child has the potential to learn, develop and grow. We invite parental participation in planning individual programs. Our coordinated, cooperative efforts allow us to provide therapies and learning strategies that can improve the quality of life for every child and family.

  • Zareinu continuously strives to battle prejudice. We advocate for the acceptance of children with special needs by involving the community in school activities and events.
  • We encourage inclusion through opportunities for supported integration, where possible.
  • We assist in seamless transition planning from infancy to adulthood
  • As an integral player in the special needs community, Zareinu also provides support services for families and outreach services to area schools.


Who We Help

Zareinu supports students with a wide range of challenges, from birth to 18 years, including but not limited to: autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, Prader-Willi sydrome, Rett syndrome, etc.



We believe that every child is a valuable member of our community. Each has the right to receive an adapted education, opportunities for improving life skills and communication, and respect for their individual strengths.